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MarisSage Remedial Massage, Reflexology & Pregnancy Massage in Epping

How would you feel when you can say? “My body is healthy, pain-free and I can move freely “

Creating a good balance between work, rest and play can be a challenge. Leaving you with pain, tension, feeling restricted or stressed, robbed of your inner peace.

At MarisSage we lend a hand to help you establish a pain-free and well-balanced life, and inspire you to a healthy lifestyle.

We believe touch is an essential part of life. It can transform how we feel, perform, act and achieve. Thus, we made it our mission to relief and manage pain, brightening lives and help others to achieve optimum health and well-being naturally.

Specialize in Remedial and Pregnancy massage & Reflexology therapy MarisSage provides holistic solutions for pain, tension or muscular skeletal conditions or restrictions, pure relaxation or/and restore of your internal natural balance. With a love for the little ones under us.

With experienced nurturing hands, we integrate Western and Chinese methods, creating desired results on both the physical and energetic level. Empowering you to do the things you love and balancing all of you - body mind and soul - in a professional, supportive and ambient space.

Relax, Relief, Restore. Give a little love back to your hard-working body and mind. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Let’s optimize your health and well-being!